Government Services

WiiKno’s Government Services strengthen the sharing power of your intelligence community.

WiiKno is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with diverse technical experience.  Through the application of proven methodologies, we provide services and solutions to fulfill development, deployment, operations, maintenance, and sustainability for a variety of federal customers.

disabled veteran owned small business

Situational Awareness

Given the current strides in new technology, the world is becoming increasingly net-centric.  To maintain the highest level of effectiveness organizations must have the ability to rapidly exchange information. WiiKno’s collaboration solutions support this need and enable the delivery of knowledge to the masses in real-time.

WiiKno’s solutions allow for rapid dissemination of organizational information, thereby advancing operations to instantly transfer knowledge to the appropriate medium regardless of geographical locations.  Data is collected in real-time and is available immediately.  The communities of interest become empowered by the available information from all parts of the organization.  Events are reported and discussed as they unfold, facilitating prompt decision-making. Operations centers are able to reach who they want, when they want regardless of location. Collaborative systems provide the most efficient way to share information, transfer knowledge, and communicate, promoting operational awareness.

Information Sharing

The ability to rapidly and reliably serve information to members of an organization has never been more important.  Information sharing is essential to processes and decision-making.  WiiKno’s application of collaboration principles enables, educates, and empowers communities of interest and enhances group interoperability.  Collaboration increases the capture and preservation of information, organically evolving the growth of knowledge.  Collaboration environments link communities of interest, bridge organizational gaps, and provide the framework for all to benefit.

Delivery of information through web-based applications allows for greater collective knowledge.  WiiKno uses this technology to create universal web compatibility, making data accessible anywhere at any time.  Critical information becomes highly available; a swift flow of knowledge allows for enhanced decision making.  Provision of essential data in real-time greatly mitigates risk associated with consequential judgments.

Quality Control

WiiKno’s Quality Control Plan begins at the executive level of our organization and is focused on providing the highest quality of service, program management, project management, and systems developments services to government agencies.  Maintaining these levels of services is essential to our customers as they form the basis for critical program management and systems readiness.  Our overall goal is to ensure:

  • Hiring the most qualified people to do the job
  • Empower the personnel to do their jobs
  • Individual accountability
  • Setting standards for program performance
  • Employee quality awareness and education
  • Process measurements and improvement
  • Successful delivery of services and oversight
  • Appropriate, accurate, and complete documentation