Unified Collaborations Solutions

WiiKno Inc. has leveraged our deep experience in introducing technology to create a collaborative process based on the familiar and battle-tested software development cycle.

Traditionally, successful software developments were effectively deployed using the time-honored five-step process. The beauty of this process is in its simplicity as well as in its comprehensive nature. The WiiKno team is deeply experienced in this process and has had great success using it and its many variants.

So it is no surprise that WiiKno built its Collaboration Creation process on the principles of this technology touchstone. Our steps are a bit different, but the intention is the same. More importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to use and perfect this process in deploying one of the most successful collaboration platforms in the world. This process enabled 22,000 users to create 145,000 pages in 15 months.

When it comes to Collaboration solutions, the name of the game is VIRAL GROWTH. WiiKno is unique in our ability to:

  • Develop an architecture that accommodates and enables viral growth (Discover and Structure)
  • Catalyze the culture to drive viral growth (Understand, Educate and Equip)
  • Build a scalable and agile infrastructure that can handle viral growth (Adapt and Evolve)
  • Establish metrics to track and monitor progress around growth, usage, and participation
  • Click here to learn more about WiiKno’s Collaboration Creation process by downloading our datasheet.

Our goal is to ensure the appropriate information, is available “just in time”, and in the appropriate format — allowing the appropriate decision to be made based on collaborative input from the organization.