Customizable Features

Customizable features give you the power to create the system right for you

WiiKno offers a variety of customizable features when developing your collaboration system, or while providing you other integration services. All of our features are fully supported as part of your collaboration package, and many of these are available as individual products. Once WiiKno understands your business, collaboration is easy to achieve with an interchangeable array of features. The following are just a few of the features we are currently offering:

  • Collaborate anywhere at anytime on projects and assignments.
  • Easy and fast search results linked to articles, reviews, and other content of interest.
  • Maintain an online commentary of personal thoughts, news, or popular subjects.
  • Methodical monitoring process involved in the planning and execution of a goal or business endeavor.
  • Strategic management of several related activities within an organization or objective, with the aim of enhancing performance goals and deadlines.
  • Streamline formats and communication efforts by using Really Simple Syndication (RSS)¬†feeds.
  • Custom built classification systems and monitoring to meet your objectives.
  • The highest level of enterprise-grade security and encryption software.
  • Collect and organize personal data with customized user profiles.
  • Increase work performance¬†easily disseminates information and harness the collective intelligence of your organization.
  • You can track, access, edit, and save important documents from anywhere while staying eco-friendly with our Integrated Document Management Systems.
  • Customer Relations Management assistance will help you with advanced technology, benefit your team, and add value to your client relationships.