Real-Time Monitoring

WiiKno has the resources to monitor your solution and take the burden off your IT department

WiiKno makes it easy to deploy a collaboration system by allowing companies to focus on their core business and removing the burden of routine maintenance tasks associated with its operations. Our Real-Time Monitoring service ensures your system receives around the clock management from our dedicated professionals. We will work with your organization’s IT department to ensure user-generated content is in accordance with governance policies and protect your online reputation. WiiKno’s RT Monitoring delivers a trusted solution that will allow the online support community to grow while keeping it free of vandalism and abuse. As a client, you are able to retain ultimate control of your own collaboration system through policy specification and periodic review. You can also view real-time Web 2.0 and collaboration reporting through the WiiKno customer portal.

We offer the following Real-Time Monitoring services individually and as part of our Collaboration System packages:

Two Distinct Services to Fit Your Unique Organizational Needs

WiiKno’s Real-Time Monitoring Service for Collaboration Platforms provides a comprehensive solution in the form of a hosted or remotely managed solution.

Hosted Solution Model

Many IT departments are stretched thin. Collaboration platforms present an even greater challenge. Not only must an IT department respond to its day-to-day operations, but now they are tasked with the burden of developing a content monitoring and governance model.

WiiKno’s collaboration hosting solution can not only design, build, deploy, and host an organization’s collaboration platform but we will actively monitor and manage that platform for both system, software, and collaboration incidents. WiiKno has developed automated monitoring tools that allow the operations team to quickly identify and remove malicious or undesirable content. Our monitoring tools are built into every system we host for comprehensive monitoring and remediation.

Remote Monitoring Solution

Some organizations may have already deployed a collaboration platform, but they may not have the resources to monitor and manage the content to ensure that user-generated contribution promotes a better understanding of a product or concept. WiiKno’s Remote Monitoring Solution solves this problem by remotely monitoring an organization’s collaboration platform around the clock. We have experience and expertise in all major collaboration platforms and have developed tools to manage and monitor these platforms from a centralized location by personnel who are experts in the collaboration industry.