By setting clear standards with WiiKno’s Governance service, your system will flourish


When WiiKno deploys a collaboration system, we ensure successful operation by first working with your organization to develop how the collaboration system will be managed and governed. We will guide you through the process of creating the best structures and policies that enable an effective system which works best with your goals. Our comprehensive governance policies meet the needs of any client and hold several benefits for business. Publishing a clear set of standards aids the contribution of web material by keeping users privy to what is acceptable content and can also increase user satisfaction. Without an outlined governance policy confusion could lead to possible content removal and a user less likely to contribute again If feeling censored or not valued. The following are some customization performance features of our governance strategies used in the past:

  • Manageable collaboration platform/Adaptive system
  • Monitoring policies for mitigation
  • Domains of information able to be contained
  • Content review
  • Latitudes users have on contributions
  • Protection against vandals and unrelated content
  • Legal notices on user generated content
  • Target availability
  • Customer support
  • Review standards and Secure content