System Integration

WiiKno’s integrated services carry you to your destination faster and more efficiently

System IntegrationCollaboration Platforms are revolutionizing interactions between people, changing how ideas are developed, and influencing how we socialize. Wikipedia and Facebook are great examples of how collaboration tools have had a tremendous impact on modern society, but we are only experiencing the first wave of these technologies. These first-generation platforms define communities of interest, how they interact, and what motivates individuals to contribute. Until now, there has been little integration between collaboration platforms and legacy systems in areas such as inventory management, trouble ticketing, and supply chain. WiiKno’s next generation of collaboration solutions combine these systems through our System Integration service, allowing communities of interest to better understand specific subject matter and allowing contributors to provide relevant content that is fully scalable.

The WiiKno Approach

Before WiiKno integrates any system with a collaboration platform, we first seek to understand how the integration of these two systems will benefit both the systems and users.  We then develop a comprehensive deployment plan with considerations for scalability, security, and usability.

Wiikno has extensive experience integrating systems that were never envisioned to share information. We use a combination of integration interfaces such as SOAP, REST or APIs, and database queries to do so. Plus, WiiKno always considers the impact any action will take on the original systems and guards.

WiiKno works closely with existing IT departments to ensure any systems integrated and components developed meet standards required by the organization’s IT policy.   Additionally, we perform extensive UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to verify the delivered system meets or exceeds the requirements defined by the requesting organization and its end-user community.