Let WiiKno build your avenue to success

WiiKno builds Taxonomy solutions to optimize scalability and user experience.  Our architectural design provides the greatest collaboration system structure allowing for an enhanced user capabilities and exceeds all industry standards. Now communities can easily create, search, and edit knowledge articles, while our system design promotes collaboration and organic growth.  This environment creates a common link across the organization’s network that is essential to the evolution of the community and innovation.

Innovative Taxonomy Planning

Our unique taxonomy creation enables the ability to link pages in both a hierarchal and flat structure which has helped many companies streamline access to more information for their customers and employees.  Taxonomies enhance our platforms by strengthening easy navigation, keeping the site organized, intuitive, and, allows for proper administration and management. This is important because when utilizing web 2.0 technology and collaboration systems you want an information flow that stays efficiently accessible and provides a mutually beneficial environment for content contribution between the user community and the host, and that is why our systems are so successful.

Advanced Collaboration

WiiKno delivers collaboration solutions that allow for large-scale content production. We understand the relationships between people, processes, and information, which is why our taxonomies create a user-friendly space where desired data is easily discovered. The dual flat/hierarchal system permits users to jump from any topic to its dedicated page, provides instant clarification of info (if not understood by the user), and allows for dynamically structured locations for varying topics and subcategories. This way, users find that their experience results in using a platform that is functionally flexible and fully scalable.

Organic Growth and Business Development

Collaborative environments promote the gathering of content so as available information increases, the collective knowledge advances, moving people and projects forward.  Our well-constructed taxonomies and an intuitive system motivate user interaction which leads to content creation.  These contributors develop new hierarchies, information associations and classifications; ultimately new navigation paths can be created that might not have been recognized yet by the hosting organization. Paths like these are known as “folks-onomies” and can help a business better understand customer needs, such as which products customers are associating together or how end users are truly navigating the site. Open your business up to new possibilities and give end users the most efficient way to acquire information.