System Deployment


system deployment process
Our 320 point system deployment solution will deliver reliable results

In today’s business environment there are extreme pressures to rapidly deploy applications and other business solutions but unlike most business applications, collaboration systems require more extensive planning and can often create more problems further down the road if not correctly integrated within a community. WiiKno has taken care of the legwork though — Our experienced employees are familiar with collaboration systems, who uses them, and how to make them better. When you work with Wiikno you gain the opportunity to discover our unique System Deployment process called the Veloway approach that is compatible with any organization and will work with your goals in mind, guaranteed.


A sneak preview of our Veloway Approach:

  • Working with both your Requirements and a Functional Spec. to build your platform
  • Always building with scalability and the most ubiquitous solutions in mind
  • Comprehensive User Acceptance Testing and User Adoption Training
  • Working with your IT department to ensure a smooth transition