Authoritative 2.0 Sites

User rating and promotion will push Authoritative 2.0 Sites to the next level.

WiiKno would like to introduce the concept of an Authoritative Web 2.0 site or Authoritative Collaboration site.  An authoritative site is one which establishes itself the dominant site for a given subject or domain.  The easiest example to give would be that of Wikipedia, which is now the go-to collaboration site for an online community-driven encyclopedia.

Why is this concept important?

This concept is important because in the world of Web 2.0 the authoritative sites produce their own momentum.  An authoritative site receives the most visits for any given subject or domain, which in turn results in the site having access to the largest group of potential content contributors.  This allows the site to grow rapidly in its depth and breath of rich content, drawing even more users and potential contributors.  This process continues with nearly limitless potential.
Wikipedia is a tremendous resource for general information on just about any given subject; however, when it comes to specific subject matter or a given information domain, users will turn to a community dedicated to that particular subject.  An example would be people who have medical questions on a particular condition or illness.  They can get the basics of a condition or illness from Wikipedia but to understand treatment options, medications, and hospitals or research organizations who focus on the given condition they will then turn to either a general medical collaboration site or most likely the authoritative collaboration site dedicated for that particular condition or illness.

Why is this important to companies to understand this concept?
If a company can establish its company site or another associate site as the authoritative collaboration site for a given domain then they immediately draw the eyes of anyone doing research on the given subject.  This can be a tremendous marketing tool and will differentiate companies in the near future.  The industry is already filled with cases where a company failed to establish an authoritative site for a specific product. Eventually, the users of those products created their own site, leaving the company without any say in the site. The result was a tremendous missed opportunity for that company to participate in the site and establish product loyalty. Furthermore, the lack of connection between the company and the consumer/user never allowed a personal relationship to develop between the two. Once a company has lost this opportunity, it can be difficult if not impossible to reestablish itself as the authoritative site even for its own product line.

There are several key factors, which a company must consider if they want to establish an authoritative site on a given domain or on their own product line. Such as first having a detailed understanding of the given domain, establishing a comprehensive taxonomy, seeding the site with a core set of basic information to drive initial contributors, setting up an effective navigation scheme, and not being overly aggressive with the moderation on user content.

WiiKno has established a number of authoritative collaboration sites on the Internet for a wide verity of domains.  WiiKno has the know-how and experience to design, built and integrate authoritative collaboration environments. For more information about WiiKno’s customized solutions click here.

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