WiiKno FAQ

FAQWho is WiiKno?

We serve as a consulting firm specializing in system integration, custom development and user adoption training. We can help you enhance the productivity of your company and achieve your projects goals faster with our customized collaboration solutions. We also maintain your system and provide full-scale training and support to guarantee successful integration and user adoption. With WiiKno, your collaboration solutions are based on the latest web standards providing the best results for capturing and organizing the power of collective knowledge. Our flexible platforms combine all elements of social networking – wikis, document sharing, blogs, portals, messaging and more – to bring you a personalized system that is right for your overall goals.

Who are the founders of WiiKno and when was it started?

Ron Lee and Craig Tobias, two influential leaders in the Information Technology industry, decided they wanted to improve on the implementation of integration systems and founded WiiKno in 2008. Together they bring more than 50 years of professional experience in Information Technology, with specific experience in leadership; program and project management; program development; systems integration, administration, development, process improvement and the deployment of communication network management system and knowledge management systems.

What services does WiiKno offer?

We offer a variety of services including taxonomy, system deployment, system integration, data migration services, governance, real-time monitoring, hosting, education, as well as, a number of customizable features. Basically, anything within the realm of Integration, we are capable of. Visit our Services section for more information.

What is the Veloway Approach?

Veloway is our unique approach to analyzing your company’s needs and core goals. With this approach we can map out a strategy for to align our services with your companies objectives including: design, build, deployment, and education (if necessary). For more information on Veloway, click here.

Who are WiiKno’s partners?

Although WiiKno is software agnostic, our partner relationships allow us to provide you with the best available price. WiiKno is proud to have relationships with the following partners: CubeTree, Peer1 hosting, NISC, Exeter, Twiki, Inc., Edge Technologies, MindTouch, Atlassian Partners, and SMS Data Products Group, Inc.

To read more about our Partners, click here.

What types of Industries does WiiKno work with?

WiiKno provides IT collaboration solutions for medium to large businesses, with an internal need for knowledge management solutions. Federal Government. Hi-Tech corporation. Telecommunications. Networking. Manufacturers.

What is the typical Time to Market for a WiiKno solution?

Because WiiKno specializes in custom solutions, our time to market can vary greatly. WiiKno Veloway approach begins with a “Discovery” process designed to understand your business needs. Our solutions can be as simple or as complex as needed, which directly impacts the time to market. 2 months to 12 months is the typical timeframe WiiKno anticipates.

What are the benefits of using WiiKno?

The most significant benefit of incorporating this new technology into your organization is the ability to capture and preserve the collective intelligence of your people. Our solution promotes accountability through author documentation and version control. It also eliminates the diffusion of knowledge and upholds mission assurance by being contained within one unified system requiring a low degree of IT maintenance. To read more about the benefits of WiiKno, click here.

• Mission Assurance
• Full life-cycle support
• Low IT maintenance
• Version Control
• Unified System
• Eliminates diffusion of knowledge

How do I get started?

For a free one hour consultation from one of our Sales Engineers, please contact us here!