Data Migration

data preservation
WiiKno’s Data Migration Service ensures data preservation.

Since the introduction of Web 2.0 technologies, organizations have discovered better ways maintaining vast amounts of information between host and viewer. These developments in Wiki technology help companies gain competitive advantages by making updating content more efficient and their documents available for multi-user editing. This not only allows for improved data through collective knowledge, but also serves as a solution to many of the problems encountered with the standard Content Management Systems (CMS), which are designed only to publish static HTML rendered pages, and not for making documents accessible to a collaborative community. Documents stored in legacy CMS require resources to extract information and reformat them in a way they can be published in a collaboration system. A number of visionary companies have chosen to move forward with Wiki-based platforms for updating, organizing, sharing and maintaining information. The primary benefits of allowing documents to be edited by a community of users in a Wiki environment are it:

  • Develops an active community
  • Creates trust between the organization and its contributors
  • Reduces time required to edit and republish documents
  • Allows organizations to maintain larger quantities of content
  • Leverages user communities to develop new documents
  • Allows organizations to identify Subject Matter Experts
  • Permits search engine optimization

WiiKno has years of experience working with legacy CMS and has developed an effective method to migrate data from most CMS systems to state-of-the-art collaboration systems, greatly reducing the amount of time needed to change content from a static state to one that is managed by a community of experts.