The Connection Between Valuable Content and Collaboration Tools

Major publications like The New York Times have begun moving forward with plans to charge for online subscriptions. Brian Noguchi of Austin, Texas’ local T3 (The Think Tank) advertising firm makes an interesting point in this post about the future of online content and its value:  People and business that provide insightful, imaginative, helpful, and progressive content should be compensated their efforts. Over the long term, this will generate significant revenue for companies that have selected this method of communication over keeping content as an open source. Technology industry professionals have been aware of this concept for many years but other industries are only now realizing the numerous ways the cost of low overhead coupled with participation in the green initiative movement can elevate business profit and enhance productivity.

Good content stems from good writers and also from a deeper understanding of what motivates the target audience.  There is a strong connection between the use of collaboration platforms and  potential for viral growth as organizations continue to surrender to this trend.  Consider for a moment how businesses use collaborative software today; the utilization of collective intelligence moves companies forward efficiently and effectively by keeping everyone informed and allowing for the innovative evolution of information by keeping it current, consistent, and relevant to organizational progress.

There is a common misconception that wikis and other collaboration tools are used primarily in government and public sector industries. However, the application of these technologies to any variety of private vertical sectors provides a great opportunity for an intelligent change in business processes and the overall worth of content. For example, many healthcare providers have existing resources to collaborate on knowledge articles and research within their own internal networks, like CeylonSoft’s eMedicalAssistant and CSI Trisano, but do not share this information with the public. Opening this network via subscription access would provide industry professionals, students, and individuals an enhanced solution to care, learning, and collaborating through the immediate connection of accurate content and interactive resources while greatly reducing operational costs. Meaning the collaborative software that connects healthcare professionals around the world would increase the flow of information as well as the ability to provide less expensive aid to those with non-critical questions about health.

This is only one example of what is envisioned for the near future through the marriage of real-time collaboration software and a philosophical movement toward paid content, but the added content value that comes from these platforms is catching on with increasing amounts of business owners today and its obvious why. When your collaborative platform has the ability to span the market automatically, provide an environment that merges beneficial social networks in real-time, and illustrates relevant ideas, a new level of productivity and content creation takes place and allows your network to achieve a higher potential than what currently exist.

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